A new 123cargo interface

Why a new interface?

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Why a new interface:
  • The old interface was built 10 years ago and during this time the B2B websites have new designs, so we adapted too
  • The new responsive layout allows you to navigate through the application on desktop / laptop or on mobile
  • Our mission is to bring the application to the same pages both for users resident in Romania (BursaTransport) and for non-resident users (123cargo)

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Why 123cargo?

30,000 loads

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4,000 trucks

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pentru transport

16,000 of current companies

the most used freight exchange in Romania
from 2001 so far.

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92% of uncollected invoices
are solved in 8 days

Join our community!

Do you have a transport truck and are you looking for load? Do you have loads to transport and want to have more transport offers?
Are you new to the road freight business and do not have enough customers? Do you have routes to South-East Europe not covered by transport offers?

  • We offer the transparency of partners
  • We offer visibility in behalf 16,000 of road transport companies.
  • If you are a professional, find a new professional partner
  • Our monthly cost is equal to 30 km of riding unloaded or with half of the standard fee for an intermediated transport.

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